Erasmus MC | Doctors VR Training

Starting in October 2021, Erasmus MC will practice in virtual reality with the rare and acute situation of resuscitation after open-heart surgery. The VR application better prepares physicians for such a situation.

In the virtual world, the doctor sees the patient lying in front of him. Together with his team he has to go through all the steps of the protocol for resuscitation after heart surgery. In the “real” world there is little room for training with such a situation, since action must be taken quickly. Therefore, doctors in training currently train this with reading the protocols and practicing in groups

In the future, a VR simulation will also be made for operating the heart lung machine. With the help of this type of VR training, group sessions no longer need to be organized, but can be practiced in one’s own time.

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Brand: Erasmus MC
Tech: Virtual Reality
Branche: Education

VR training hospital CPR

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