Audi | Logistics VR Training

Audi employees need to work very diligently with a lot of complicated systems where a lot can go wrong. Audi wants to improve the training process of their employees with VR to reduce errors being made. 

Audi is developing a software development kit (SDK) that departments can use to create their own training courses without technical knowledge. Various scenarios can be combined with standard procedures such as; ‘remove the part’, ‘tighten the screw’ or ‘install the part’. Logistics employees train in VR via a ‘pick by light’ system to select and assemble the right parts. The ‘pick by light’ training courses are becoming increasingly difficult as the employee progresses. 

The training is popular with employees because of the fun factor, which also speeds up the learning process. Ultimately, the task has to be performed without assistance, which increases motivation and ambition. The SDK is being further developed and will be made available to other companies within the group.

Brand: Audi
Tech: Virtual Reality
Branche: Automotive


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