Air Force Base Security | Use of Force VR training

Airmen at Hill Air Force Base are using virtual reality to train how to act in high-pressure situations. The VR experience gives the airmen access to multiple scenarios.

The airmen respond to law enforcement calls when on base, which have to be handled properly. A scenario within the VR training could be an airman being dispatched to a disturbance call between a male and female. In these scenarios, it is important to know when to use force or not. The digital characters talk and respond to commands. At times they get aggressive or use force. The trainee has to respond adequately to this.

Staff at the airbase emphasizes the importance of consistently training on making the right decisions. After the training, it can exactly be stated what went wrong and how to build upon that.

Brand: U.S. Air Force
Tech: Virtual Reality
Branche: Military

Air Force VR training | VR Owl

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