COVID VR Game | Promoting vaccination

VR Owl Danish covid vaccination game

Danish researchers use virtual reality to encourage more people to get vaccinated against COVID. In an experiment in the capital city of Copenhagen, the player maneuvers around a COVID infected crowd in the city square. Participants wear VR headsets in order to play an elderly person walking through the city center. The participants have to […]

Erasmus MC | Doctors VR Training

VR hospital training VR OWL

Starting in October 2021, Erasmus MC will practice in virtual reality with the rare and acute situation of resuscitation after open-heart surgery. The VR application better prepares physicians for such a situation. In the virtual world, the doctor sees the patient lying in front of him. Together with his team he has to go through […]

University College Antwerp | Nursing VR Training

VR Training hospital

The Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp is using VR training for nursing students. This way they learn to pick up, prepare and administer medication to patients. During the VR training they are chosen between four patients; child, pregnant woman, older woman and adult man. Each of these patients has its own procedure established. In […]

Geopark the Hondsrug – Nature Route Enhancement

Industry: Tourism Technology: VR & AR Use: Entertainment Link: iOs Question The area around the town of Exloo in Drenthe is the beating heart of De Hondsrug UNESCO Global Geopark. The glacial Hondsrug landscape is still largely unaffected. Two important hotspots of the geopark are located in this area: the Hunzebos and the Leewal, an enigmatic steep […]