Graphic Designer – Freelance (remote / 16 – 32 hours)

Core Skills: Design 

Hours: 16 -32 hours per week

Date: August 2022

About Us

We are a full service VR/AR agency working passionately on the future of immersive media. Together with our clients we develop innovative concepts that push the boundaries of what is possible.

Since our inception in 2015 years ago, we have grown to 35 employees who are supported by interns and freelancers.

The energy and drive is high with our average age of 25 years. This is reflected in the atmosphere and enthusiasm at our office in Utrecht.


What we do

We create 360 degree videos. From a look at a coffee plantation in Africa to a fashion show in the Italian mountains to a shoot in a Moroccan Hammam.

With our apps you control an excavator, check out the latest Adidas sneaker or play a baseball game. All with the latest techniques in virtual and augmented reality.

What you’ll be doing

As a designer you will helping our team with creating designs for our projects. This can be anything from a UI design for a mobile AR application to a UX flow for a training application for the Meta Quest. 


Your team

You will be part of a young enthusiastic team full of creatives that has made a name for itself in the virtual reality industry in no-time. You will work together with a project team consisting of project managers, 3D designers and developers.

What we’re looking for

  • Experience with graphic design and creation of UI and UX
  • A fitting portfolio with UX UI designs
  • Experience with the Adobe Creatie Suite
  • Experience with designing for immersive technology  

What we  offer 

  • Work for innovative companies such as Adidas, Porsche and Rituals 
  • Design for new technologies such as VR & AR
  • Working with a creative team with lots of experience
  • A fitting hourly rate and a consistent amount of work