Ikea transforms E-commerce with Kreativ AR app

Augmented reality is changing the landscape of E-commerce. It is used to enhance the shopper’s experience and leads to fewer returns. A great example of this technology currently being used for E-commerce is Ikea with their newest Kreativ App

AR is changing the reality of eCommerce

AR for e-commerce has caused consumers’ online shopping behavior to shift to third-party apps such as Instagram and Snapchat. It has caused consumers to move from “go shopping” to “always shopping.” 

Such a change requires eCommerce to deliver superior solutions that allow consumers to interact wherever they are. And one such solution is AR eCommerce.

Augmented reality is predicted to have a market capital of $1.2 trillion by 2030. Consumers report that they are more likely to buy a product after experiencing it in augmented reality.

Research by SnapChat, Publicis, and Alter

The reasons are that AR increases a shopper’s confidence by as much as 80% when purchasing a product, and reduces potential regret and returns by 66% because consumers can try the product before purchasing in AR, even several iterations of the same product.

Next level AR commerce with Ikea Kreativ

Ikea’s augmented reality journey began in early 2017 with an iOS app called Ikea Place. A name with a double meaning, allowing you to place Ikea furniture to scale in your home. Now this concept has been taken up a notch with the announcements of Ikea Kreativ.

An augmented reality app that uses your iPhone’s LiDAR sensors to take a 3D scan of your room and then strip it of all furniture, allowing you to completely redecorate your room.

You can now view the showrooms you experience when you are at Ikea on your iPhone as you experiment with different furniture. There are 50 such 3D showrooms now available on Ikea Kreativ for you to try out.

For the best experience, Ikea Kreativ works best on iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, and iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, because of their LiDAR scanners. However, it also works on other iPhones, even on Mac via a Web client using photos you took of your room.

This new AR functionality is made possible by an update for iOS 16 called RoomPlan API. This new API allows your iPhone’s camera and LiDAR sensors to jointly map a room.

It makes it so that developers can offer real estate agents, architecture firms, interior houses, and more the ability to build designs from an augmented reality 3D model created within seconds.



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