Augmented Reality

Engage your audience anywhere by bringing the digital into the physical world

Augmented Reality

We bring the digital into the physical world. Creating AR applications for mobile devices, AR headsets and social media. We see value for every company but focus on three specific areas: marketing, support and education.

1. Marketing

Enhancing products, magazines or physical locations with amazing 3D content. Play games anywhere or create unique brand experiences with filters via social media.

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2. Support

Get support from experts while working on a remote location.
Call, share your point of view so they can provide instruction which you execute, completely hands free.

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3. Education

We use Augmented Reality to help you learn and train.
Visualize complex matter or receive step by step instruction in an easy to understand way. 

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1. Marketing

Engage anywhere and create compelling brand experiences with games, filters and more.

Schiphol Retail & Toblerone
Retail AR games

For the Dutch Airport we created an ARKit game where players need to shoot as many Toblerones as possible within the set time to be awarded a coupon. This game made sure passers-by spend more time in the shop and sales went up by use of the coupon.


Product visualization

For this company we developed an AR visualiser.
Allowing users to visualize garden furniture and lockers on any location using a mobile device. Seeing if it fits and matches. With an e-commerce feature to get a quote or purchase directly the app resulted in more sales.


JBL Online AR feature

JBL wanted to promote their new soundbar using AR.
We helped DEPT create 3D models for JBL. Visitors can now view the Soundbar line in their own living room with the touch of the button using Apple’s Quicklook system. Not seeing how it looks but how it fits has the potential to increase sales and decrease returns.

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2. Support

Provide support to anywhere in the world, perform remote maintenance and save resources.

Remote maintanance
For Dutch truck brand Teberg we developed an AR solution to improve their repair and support services, allowing experts to provide support to mechanics on location using smart glasses. Allowing them to see what the mechanic is seeing and provide support by a checklist and on screen instructions.
Offshore company

Remote support 

For one of the worlds largest offshore companies we’ve developed a platform which enables them to communicate globally. Making use of satellite internet we’ve made sure the connection is never lost. Even in the middle of the Atlantic. Completely integrated in the system of the cliënt the platform has screenshot features as well as the possibility to add annotation.

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3. Education

Visualize the abstract and complex to learn in a engaging and easy way for every stakeholder.

Utrecht & Rotterdam
City communications
We created two separate AR applications to give residents a glimpse into the future. For Utrecht we helped visualize the ‘Singel’ using 2D images and renders from the exact viewpoint. In Rotterdam, residents can behold how the largest building in the Benelux will look in their city. These tools help create awareness, support and help improve design and decision making processes.
Teylingen college

AR education platform 

To help students of this college learn in a visual and engaging manner we developed an application with a content managing system. This allows the user to upload any type of content suchs as images, video’s, 3D models and PDFs and then generate a QR code. Using the app the content can then be viewed in AR. A low barrier and easy to use application makes learning using AR accessible to all.
Stakeholder communication

Informing residents about radical building plans is not easy.
To help decide the best possible configuration of a solar panel field we created an AR application. It helped immensely to use ten different options and visualize it on location. It was also a great tool to inform stakeholders early in the process and create support for the plans.

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Who we are

A passionate team of 30 creators. We have everything in- house, from concept to execution. Our team consists of the following departments:

Concepting department

Developing creative VR / AR concepts that fit your use case.

360 department

Experienced videographers with a creative perspective.

3D departement

Technical CAD & 3D artist who can create and convert.

Development department

From mobile apps to high end simulation.

Operations department

Event guides and implementation specialists.

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Our approach

A goal without a plan is just a wish

With VR & AR implementation is just as important as creation.
That’s why we involve our operations department in almost every project to ensure a feasible execution.

The little things make a big difference
VR & AR is an industry with a lot of unexplored territory which requires attention to detail. That’s why we work closely with our clients and help them at every turn.
No nonsense

We are straightforward, open and approachable. We are dedicated to our clients and partners and aim for the long term. Call us and find out just how easygoing we are. 

Our proces

We’re with you every step of the way. Your success is ours. We believe that co-creation and open communication deliver the best results. We’ve outlined our processes with care so that you know exactly what to expect at what stage.

From a free of charge concept to the final product.

01 First meeting

We gain insight into your wants and needs. We define the business case framework and discuss the creative input for the concept.

Output: Concept & quote

02 Kick-off

Kick off the creation process with a meeting where we define the planning and discuss everything needed for a successfull project.

Output: Planning

03 Design

We turn the concept into a into a solid design document. This includes art direction, user flow and all other relevant aspects needed to start design and development.

Output: Design document

04 Creation

We deliver two versions for feedback to make sure the production is perfectly aligned with your expectations.

Output: Alpha, beta

05 Delivery

After approval we deliver the final version and make sure you are off to a flying start.

Output: Final delivery

06 Evaluation

We like to keep in touch making sure you’re satisfied and to let you know if we see any opportunities for your company.

Output: A meeting, call or visit

Who we work with

We see opportunities for every company, in any industry. That’s why we put the same amount of effort and dedication into every project. We’re proud to work with everyone. From multinationals operating worldwide to local entrepreneurs.

What clients say



“VR Owl supported us during the whole process. They did this flawlessly and we are very satisfied with the results”


"The whole team was very happy with the masterclass, we hope to work with you again in the future!’’


"A highly recommended experience. VR Owl had a great eye for our own input and quickly realized what we had in mind."


"Impressed by their passion, innovation power, and professional management which continued throughout the whole process"
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