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Enrich your story or sell your brand with interactive AR content. Create a unique experience and convince with stunning 3D content.

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Applications of AR

Experience with Augmented Reality (marketing)

Fun and memorable 3D experiences via social, web or through an app. For campaigns, events & on location.

Convince with Augmented Reality (sales)

Visualize and configure your products for a lower sales threshold, higher conversion and fewer returns.

Augmented Reality Experience

Use augmented reality for an interactive brand experience in your marketing campaign, product launch or during events.

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AR Campaigns

Use AR during your campaigns to add an extra dimension to your communication. Enrich your traditional media with digital content during loyalty campaigns, product promotions or print campaigns.

Use filters, games and other interactive content for a personalized brand experience with a high share factor. Expand your reach with the use of AR via web, social or your own application.

Star Wars

A set of 63 cards, featuring characters like Rey, Boba Fett and C-3PO who come to life using holograms, depth effects and puzzles. A great success with hundreds of thousands of views through the website.


A translation of the TV commercial into a game where you slide across the slip’n side as fast as possible. The game was played thousands of times and shared via social media.

AR Events

In physical locations, use augmented reality for entertainment, city marketing, scavenger hunts or showing the future or the past.

Permanent, physical locations are thus enriched with dynamic and digital content for an extra dimension to the experience.

Dutch Coin

The launch of a unique coin in the theme of Herman brood was given an extra charge by visualizing works of art through WebAR. Everyone could hang a real ‘Brood’ in their home through the campaign and buy the commemorative coin


An interactive augmented reality map for Floriade 2022 visitors. Discover the future of the site with this AR maquette.

AR on location

Use AR for entertainment, city marketing or scavenger hunts or show the future or the past. Permanent, physical locations are enriched with dynamic and digital content for an extra dimension to the


The application gives an extra dimension to environmental communication by visualizing construction plans on location. By scanning the QR code, the device places the 3D building at the exact location of the project.

Castle Zuylen

Discover the history and hidden secrets of Slot Zuylen in this interactive application. Visualize different 3D models in and ouside of the castle

Augmented Reality E-commerce & Sales

Visualizing products in 3D or viewing them in the customer’s own environment is becoming increasingly common. This allows the customer to see immediately whether the product matches expectations. 

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AR E-commerce

The use of augmented reality during sales ensures better understanding by the target audience. Visualize the functionalities or let the user configure it himself. AR ensures a lower threshold, higher conversion and fewer returns.


For Dekker Zevenhuizen, we created an ar application where customers visualize and configure kitchen countertops and faucets.


View play equipment from Wickey directly via WebAR and the website in your own garden. See immediately if the unit fits and take your kids into the pre-fun.

AR Sales

Your complete product portfolio in your back pocket. Simplify and improve your sales process with product visualizations in augmented reality. Instantly show your customers the functionalities and features of your products in any location.


Augmented reality can be deployed in various forms, through a mobile application, browsers or social media. The costs for augmented reality are in concepting, creation, development and if needed, hosting.


See the new Fitbit directly via Instagram and Facebook. Insert the packaging and watch the product come to life in 3D. See the Fitbit from all sides, choose your own color and share your favorite configuration directly via social media.

Technology & Costs

Augmented reality can be deployed in various forms, through a mobile application, browsers or social media. The costs for augmented reality are in concepting, creation, development and possibly hosting.


Socials like Instagram, Facebook & TikTok. Normal amount of features and a high sharefactor for social apps

Cost: € 5.000 + € 7.500
Lead Time: 4-6 weeks


Content via any browser for all smartphones. Fewer features and limited design. Low entry cost with high reach.

Cost: € 7.500 - € 10.000
Lead Time: 6 -8 weeks


Most features in options and design. Download through the app stores and suitable for all smartphones.

Cost: € 15.000 +
Lead Time: 12 - 14 weeks

Our Augmented Reality Agency

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A multidisciplinary VR agency with almost 7 years of experience in the Augmented reality industry. Based in Utrecht, we have everything in-house; from concept to execution.

We create value in the playing field between experience, technology and innovation. For multinationals, local companies and startups, all over the world.

Our process

Our agency has an clear and efficient process.
From a free concept to a final product.

1. Inspiration

A document with art direction, user flow and other aspects to start development.

Output: Design document.

2. Concepting

Defining the business case and input for the concept and cost estimate.

Output: Concept deck & quote

3. Kick Off

Discuss responsibilities and planning for a successful project.

4. Design

Een document met art direction, users flow en overig aspecten om ontwikkeling te starten.

Output: Design document

5. Creation

We deliver two versions for feedback to meet expectations.

Output: Alpha, Beta

6. Delivery

After approval, we deliver the final version and ensure a flying start.

Output: Final product

Frequently asked questions

Augmented Reality is a technology that overlays digital content onto the real world, creating a mixed reality experience.

It can be experienced through AR apps on mobile devices or through specialized AR headsets.

AR agencies like VR Owl create augmented reality and mixed reality experiences for various applications, including marketing, sales, and events.

They work with the world’s biggest brands to bring digital worlds to life, enhancing real and virtual worlds with digital content.

Augmented reality can be used to create interactive brand experiences, visualize products in 3D, and enhance traditional media with digital content.

This can lead to a lower sales threshold, higher conversion rates, and fewer returns.

While both are forms of extended reality, Augmented Reality overlays digital content onto the real world, while Virtual Reality creates entirely virtual worlds for users to explore. Both can provide immersive experiences, but AR allows for interaction with the real world.

The costs for creating an AR experience can vary based on the complexity of the project and the platform used.

It can range from a few thousand for simple AR filters to tens of thousands for complex mobile applications.

360 video for business

Veelgestelde vragen over het laten maken van AR

Wij krijgen vaak dezelfde vragen, lees het antwoord hier!  Heb je een specifieke vraag? Neem gerust contact op

De kosten voor het laten maken van AR hangt af van de toepassing en het platform. Simpele AR filters voor social media of een eenvoudige visualisatie is goedkoper dan een complexe mobiele applicatie. De kosten beginnen bij zo’n 5000 euro en kunnen oplopen naar enkele tienduizenden.

Wij maken primair augmented reality voor mobile devices zoals smartphones en tablets. Hiermee heb je de meeste functionaliteiten en het hoogste bereik. Natuurlijk maken wij ook augmented reality apps voor devices zoals de Hololens.

In grote lijnen kun je drie soorten augmented reality apps onderscheiden;  mobile, social en ‘gewone’ AR applicaties. Deze hebben allen voor-en nadelen met betrekking tot het bereik. Heb je meer vragen over het ontwikkelen van een AR app? Neem dan contact op.

De meeste virtual reality projecten voor marketing worden binnen 8-10 weken opgeleverd. Afhankelijk van de complexiteit en onze huidige bezetting.

Vaak beschikt een bedrijf zelf over de nodige 3D modellen voor ar. Dit is vooral het geval bij bedrijven die zelf producten maken.  Wij kunnen deze 3D modellen optimaliseren voor gebruik met augmented reality. Daarnaast kunnen wij 3D modellen aankopen en natuurlijk zelf maken. Dit is wel van invloed op de kosten van de augmented reality app.

Je zet virtual reality voor je marketing in wanneer je kleine groepen mensen een unieke ervaring wilt bieden op locatie. Deze ervaring kun je het beste uitgebreid vastleggen zodat je voldoende content hebt voor je andere kanalen. Denk aan foto’s, aftermovies of in game footage.

De ontwikkeltijd van een augmented reality applicatie verschilt. Een eenvoudige toepassingen zoals filter kost enkele weken, een meer complexe applicatie kan enkele maanden duren. Gemiddeld duurt het laten maken van een ar app zo’n 4-8 weken. 

Het bereik van de virtual reality experiences zijn relatief klein omdat je voor elke interactie een VR bril nodig hebt. Natuurlijk kun je voor je vr marketing gebruik maken van branded VR headsets om je bereik te vergroten. De share factor is wel hoog waardoor mensen hun VR ervaring snel delen via socials of andere kanalen.

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