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How to use AR for Sales?

With the help of AR Sales Tools, you can provide customers with a realistic, in-context experience of your products. Whether it’s on the web or through a specialized app, AR delivers an interactive experience where customers can try out your products in their own environment. This way, they can immediately see if it fits in their space.

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How does an AR Sales Tool work?

It starts with modernizing your catalog by converting your products into web-friendly 3D models. Once these are created, you can integrate them across various platforms for different purposes.

AR Sales Tools Advantages

Increasing conversion

According to a study by Deloitte, a furniture webshop achieved a conversion rate of 65%-69% after implementing AR features.

Competitive advantage

AR can help businesses stand out from the competition by offering unique and memorable customer experiences.

Fewer returns

By giving customers a realistic view of how a product would fit in their space, AR significantly reduces the likelihood of returns.

Competitive advantage

AR can help businesses distinguish themselves from the competition by offering unique and memorable customer experiences.

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How to use AR for sales?

Convenience for B2B

Customers can virtually try out products without being physically present. This increases convenience for the customer and can speed up the decision-making process.

Inspiration for Consumers

AR sales tools offer opportunities for personalization, such as adjusting colors, sizes, or features of a product.

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View Wickey playground equipment directly through WebAR and the website in your own garden. See immediately if the equipment fits and involve your children in the anticipation.


Dekker Zevenhuizen

For Dekker Zevenhuizen, we created an AR application that allows customers to visualize and configure kitchen countertops and faucets.


An augmented reality application that advisors use in the sales process to conduct measurements and visualize and configure stairlifts and railings. Additionally, the advisor can perform measurements and take photos and videos to share with the customer.


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