A Behind the Scenes Look at a 360 Video Agency

Since the influx of VR devices, 360 videos have become the norm for engaging and enticing audiences. Unlike traditional 2D videos, 360 videos allow users to have a complete view of their surroundings. In this article, we will explore what goes into establishing a 360 video agency and how it can enhance your business.

What is a 360 video agency ?

A 360 video agency is an agency which specializes in creating 360 immersive and interactive films or ads that give viewers a full perspective. Instead of just watching a video, you can look around just like in real life. 

Typically, such agencies have a team of experts who may have different roles depending on their skill set such as filming, subject matter experts, stitching and editing to make amazing immersive scenarios.

These videos can be used for various purposes from marketing and virtual tours to VR training and VR onboarding.

How can 360 videos enhance your business ?

360 videos for business not only gives them an upper hand against their competitors but also leads to workplace productivity and proficiency. 

Mitigate the cost

Since 360 videos can be accessed via a WebGL link, a smartphone, or a desktop, it eliminates the need to have a physical place to visualize the product or inquire about the services. As a result, it can save costs for the company associated with creating infrastructure, staffing and logistics.

Easily accessible

Many video and social platforms like Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook have started supporting 360 video format, making it easier for people to like, comment and share with their friends. This further expands the reach, increases viewability, and leads to higher revenue.

Better Learning Outcomes

According to a PWC study, a VR-based scenario makes learners feel 3.75 times more emotionally connected to the content and 4 times more focused during training than their e-learning peers and 1.5 times more focused than their classroom colleagues.

Immersive Learning Scenarios

360 video enables businesses to create diverse scenarios ranging from training and onboarding to product demonstrations and walkthroughs. 

By utilizing these interactive learning scenarios, companies can enhance productivity and efficiency without the need for investing in costly standard operating procedures (SOPs) and manuals.

Cross-Sector scenarios

360-degree videos have versatile applications across industries, including real estate, tourism, education, marketing, automotive, healthcare, architecture, entertainment, manufacturing, and more. 

They enable immersive experiences and interactive storytelling for enhanced engagement.

How can a 360 video agency help you ?

A 360 video agency like VR Owl can help you create immersive and memorable videos that get attention, brand awareness and conversions.

Here are the steps we usually follow:

  • Following your request, we will collaboratively develop a concept free of charge, accompanied by a comprehensive price quotation.


  • Upon approval, a kick-off phase will commence, during which we will establish a detailed project plan encompassing all agreements, responsibilities, and deadlines.


  • Together, we will craft a script and/or storyboard, serving as the foundation for the production process.


  • Following the filming day, an initial version of the video will be produced for your feedback, followed by subsequent iterations, leading to the final version.


  • We are committed to delivering a high-quality end product that meets your expectations and leaves a lasting impression.

VROwl 360 agency video use cases

The Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum, a prominent national museum in Amsterdam, faced challenges due to the temporary closure and restoration of its iconic artwork, “The Night Watch.” 

Seeking to engage both young people and the elderly, the museum aimed to introduce art in an innovative and accessible manner while catering to seniors unable to physically visit.

To address these objectives, VR Owl created two immersive experiences using an 8k resolution 360-degree camera. The first experience, “Dive Deeper into the Night Watch,” offers a journey led by tour guide Tyi, and the second experience, “The Rijksmuseum in VR – The Gallery of Honour,” guided by Bo.

The result is a remarkable opportunity for anyone to access and explore one of the world’s most renowned museums. These virtual tours, enriched with expert narration and enhanced visuals, offer unique insights into the artworks and deliver an experience that rivals an in-person visit.

LGI | Logistics Staff Onboarding

LGI, a leading logistics company, partnered with VR Owl to develop 360-degree onboarding videos for new employees. The scalable VR solution offered online and on-site access to different learning modules, enhancing the efficiency of the onboarding process.

Four videos were created, covering topics such as the company, contract logistics, forwarding, and technical logistics. VR headsets were provided at LGI locations, while new hires received Google Cardboard for home use.

The immersive videos resulted in a more effective and enjoyable onboarding experience.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen

Wallenius Wilhelmsen, a global logistics company, partnered with VR Owl to create a 360-degree VR safety training video using VR glasses. The immersive training allowed employees at the Zeebrugge shipping company to experience workplace hazards and safety measures.

The engaging videos showcased scenarios like oil leaks and paint spraying without safety precautions, highlighting the consequences of negligence.

This innovative training not only improved safety awareness among current employees but also helped attract new hires by providing a precise understanding of the working environment and safety regulations without physically being present.

UMC | Patient Onboarding

Amsterdam UMC, a leading academic medical center, sought to enhance patient information and preparation for complex procedures. VR Owl developed two 360-degree videos, showcasing the placement of a heart valve clip in the right and left ventricles.

The videos included 2D animations to explain internal procedures, empowering patients with a clear understanding and reducing procedure-related fears.

By providing comprehensive pre-treatment information, Amsterdam UMC saved time on patient education and observed improved patient outcomes with fewer complications and faster recovery.


360 video agency

Mateco, a major player in the aerial work platform rental market, sought innovative communication tools to showcase its services. 

VR Owl provided the solution by creating two immersive 360-degree videos: one showcasing the company and another highlighting its products.

The company video takes viewers on a journey through different departments and practical situations, ending with an overview of Mateco’s locations. 

The product video offers a virtual construction site experience, showcasing various machines and its applications throughout different project phases.

These videos, accessible through VR glasses, YouTube, and Mateco’s website, effectively engage clients and demonstrate the company’s capabilities in a visually stunning way.

If you are a brand or an organization from any industry, you can contact us and learn how we can elevate your brand, product and services. 



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