3 examples of VR training in Logistics

DHL | VR Training Sorting

Training the layout of packages in virtual reality. Image: DHL

DHL, a postal and package delivery company, wanted to optimise the proper loading of packages. This because they want to avoid wasting money and space. Therefore, DHL chooses to train their employees through virtual reality. 

In the training, employees learn in a fun, educational way how to arrange the packages in the best way. The training is specially made so that the employees remain stimulated to actually follow the training. The employees are given a certain amount of time to load a quantity of parcels.

All unused space is marked by the application so that the employee can see what space he is leaving behind. On a leaderboard, employees can compete against colleagues in over 40 other countries where this training is applied. 

The employees achieve high results due to the training; 99% of the employees who have completed the training indicate that their performance has improved and the workload has decreased. The training has reduced the amount of transport needed and more parcels can now be transported at once. This way, a lot of money is saved and CO2 emissions are reduced.

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NS | Training platform employees

Helping virtual travellers with their train journey through VR training. Image: NS

The Dutch railway network is the busiest in the European Union. This means that NS employees need good training in order to keep an overview on these busy railway tracks. Radboud University is investigating whether this technique actually works.

The training focuses on three aspects, namely the credibility of the virtual world, the degree of stress people experience and the learning effect of the game. In the training a train station is imitated in 3D, here are virtual people walking around with whom a conversation is possible. On the platform, employees can train in providing assistance. 

An example of the exercises is reassuring a woman who is nervous about travelling on public transport. It is the staff member’s task to reassure the woman. This is made more difficult during the training by a call from a walkie-talkie in which other people need help. 

The training has been received positively by the NS employees, for example, one employee indicates that she finds the training fun and instructive. “These kinds of situations are normally trained through role-playing, but that is rather funny than instructive. With virtual reality, I don’t have this problem.”

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DB Schenker | forklift VR-training

Training the controls of a virtual forklift Image: DB Schenker

DB Schenker is a division of the German railway company Deutsche Bahn AG that focuses on transport and haulage. DB Schenker was looking for a way to train their staff as forklift truck operators in a shorter time and at the same time practice in the actual storage environment of the location. 

During the VR training the employee takes place in an identically reconstructed forklift truck. All the rules and safety aspects are built into the training so that employees not only learn the technique, but also the rules. This way of training makes dangerous situations available for training that are normally more difficult or even impossible to train.

Due to the good results, DB Schenker wants to develop this simulation further and is planning to roll out this training worldwide.  The training courses have been well received and DB Schenker has seen an increase in the efficiency of its personnel. 

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